Wednesday, November 19, 2014

That's A Wrap! And Coming Attractions : UPON A TIME News!

SO! Everyone! At a total of 60,290 words, I am happily calling this year's NaNoWriMo, and the first draft of the new book, a wrap!

I hit 50 K after nine days of writing (missing days 2, 8 and 9 and finishing on the 12th of November) but I have been adding here and there in the days since. Now, it's time for me to (very reluctantly!) pull myself away from WISHING CROSS STATION for a while-- so difficult because I am MAD about this story-- and to get back to other business at hand.

I've decided today is the day to share some epic news with you all: Not only will my fairy tale reimagining UPON A TIME be making its Wattpad debut in December, but the book is also slated to be published by Booktrope in the spring of 2015!

I feel so blessed and so excited, and especially grateful to Booktrope for all they have done for me! Thank you, Booktrope!

Here's another look at the cover art that will be shown with UPON A TIME at Wattpad (it will get different art for publication later) and a glimpse into more of the story...

Cover art by Amygdala Design

A blacksmith's apprentice who would be a knight. The heir to the throne, at death's door. One woman who would save them both, if she could...

Charlotte was number sixty-four in the second group of young, hopeful maidens intended to meet the Prince at a grand ball in his honor.

That introduction was not to be.

She returned home to her tiny village— and her visions of a future limited by it—without any warning of the drastic turn her life was about to take.

Soon she would be fighting against the odds to help keep a gravely wounded stranger alive; and waging war with her own heart, as he stirred feelings in her she’d never known.

When the stranger's royal identity is revealed, Charlotte is faced with an entirely different battle: one to keep her family, village, and the injured Prince in her care, safe from a madman set on taking the throne by any means necessary...


Happy Wednesday!!!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Page One

Hey all,

I'm in a holding pattern at the moment, waiting on some things to be able to give you more info about what's going on behind the scenes writing-wise (good stuff! Worth the wait I promise!) so that will have to wait, still.

I'm much too emotional about the non-writing part of "real life" at the moment to blog about that-- believe me, you don't want me to. So I won't, at least not today.

Instead, I'll share with you the current page one of the first draft of my work in progress, WISHING CROSS STATION.

Hope you enjoy, and hope you have a happy, productive Monday...



The wail and cry of the whistle. The puff of the engine. The clang of the bell and grinding screech of the brakes: all combined with the roar of a biting winter wind.
No matter how old I live to be, I will never forget that particular cacophony; an orchestra tuning up in preparation for a command performance. When you heard that sound, you just knew the journey you were about to take was going to change you— no matter where you ended up when it was over.
She was beautiful, dark, and strong, with powerful ‘legs’ beneath her as she rode the rails into the station. Plumes of white and grey rose around her as she moved, fluttering like angel’s wings. The smell of the smoke was a singular aroma; coal, fire, and heat all combining to intoxicate a man... loosen the ideas in his head from solid form into threads: threads that could be spun into the foolishness of dreams.
She was a vixen, a siren, a savior and damnation all in one, all things that beckon men on to follow her anywhere, do anything to finally reach the ecstasy that comes before she causes your demise.
She was one of a kind, this engine; and her name was Aurelia Belle.
~From WISHING CROSS STATION, by February Grace

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

News About Wattpad and Works In Progress...

Hi All!

Sorry I haven't blogged the past week or so, so much is going on and I can't wait to tell you all about it; I'm just waiting for some paperwork before I can talk about some of it, and other things are works in progress.

This is kinda cool, though, take a look at this!

Wattpad celebrated its 8th Birthday this past week, and they made a collage (or three) from photos of those of us who posted pics under the hashtag #IamWattpad.

I am so honored that they included me in all three collages! Here's one of them, the one they put on Facebook. I'm right beneath the a in "Celebrating"... look for the big glasses!

Okay, so you'd have to blow it up REALLY big to see it, but I was still so honored to be included. Thank you, Wattpad, for making me feel like part of the family!

I'm celebrating my second anniversary there on January 1, 2015, and I am so excited that by then, my whole book UPON A TIME should be posted there!

The plan is to serialize the novel one chapter or so a day beginning at the beginning of December and finishing up right before Christmas.

I'm so excited, and I want to thank everyone at Wattpad for their incredible support of my writing. Of course, I want to thank all of the readers there too; you are like readers nowhere else, and I love ya all.

Part of my (coming soon) news means that I will, unfortunately, have to take OF STARDUST down from Wattpad, very soon. With 1.3 million reads and people still reading, that won't be easy for me to do.

I will be able to leave up the first 4 chapters as a sample but the whole novel can't be there any more. As I said, I'll be taking it down soon (already announced there and told people to finish up if they're reading it or IN STARLIGHT, which I will also remove because one book without the other makes little sense...) and I thank you all for reading the book!

I hope putting UPON A TIME up on Wattpad will take a little of the sting out, and again, I ask you to please trust me when I say I'm doing this for an amazing reason that I will share with you all as soon as I can.

In other news, I am up to 40K words (out of a projected 65-70 needed to properly finish the story) on my current WIP, WISHING CROSS STATION.

I took some amazing photos on a research day trip for this novel... here is just one of them, of one of the engines we were able to photograph in the round house at Greenfield Village.

So much inspiration... I have fallen in love with this book and its characters.

Soon I'll share the first page of the first draft of this WIP with you all...stay tuned! Happy Wednesday!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Quick post: eBook set on sale for 99 cents, limited time!

Hey all,

Just letting you know that over at Amazon, ONE WISH: The OF STARDUST Collection is on sale! It will only be 99 cents this week, and then after that, the two book set will soon be discontinued (for exciting reasons I can't wait to tell you later...)

So if you want to grab your eBook set of OF STARDUST and IN STARLIGHT for less than a dollar, do it soon. Both books will also be leaving Wattpad in the weeks ahead (also for the aforementioned reasons I hope to be able to tell you soon...) so you won't be able to read them online for free any more.

Thank you to the many, many readers who took OF STARDUST to over 1.3 million reads at Wattpad, I appreciate you all. Thank you also to Wattpad and my publisher, Booktrope, for making amazing things happen.

Stay tuned for more news the meantime here is the link to the eBook sale.



Monday, October 27, 2014

If, Then.

The blogging world is so fragmented these days I’m not even sure who is reading this at all anymore: but if you are, then I salute you, and thank you for visiting this place inside my head where the jumbled thoughts are slowly untangled, like a complex knot in a skein of yarn.

The question being hotly debated these days seems to be, what should you blog about?

This has never really been a real question for me: I blog about what matters to me and I hope it matters enough to someone else out there enough (or makes them pause and think enough) to make a connection of mind or heart. Whether they comment or not. (And given the stats lots more people read here than comment and I am totally cool with that.)

I blog as little as I can about writing, simply because I am sure that it is not my place to tell anyone else how they should or should not be writing.

Would that others shared the same perspective…

You see, it’s that time of year again: the time when those who consider themselves ‘real writers’ (whatever that means) take pot shots at those of us (also ‘real writers’, whatever that means) who choose to participate in National Novel Writing Month during November.

(Blogger won't seem to let me post photos today for some reason, so please imagine a really cool cover montage of my three published novels -- all of which began with NaNoWriMo drafts-- inserted here. Thank you. Three published novels in addition to numerous poems, short stories, and even non-fiction pieces. Am I a 'real writer' yet?) 

Personally, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business when I write my books or how, and I don’t go poking my nose into other people’s processes, either.

It took you fifteen years to finish a single epic novel? Congratulations, you’re a writer!

You wrote a first draft in thirty days, revised it, edited it, had it proofed and it ended up with a publisher within a year of being written? Congratulations! You also are a writer.

If you write, then you are a writer. It’s that simple.

Honestly, folks, we have enough to deal with coming from outside the artistic community and being in publishing in general (though sometimes I think we’re our own worst enemies at times within the community, which is achingly sad to me.) Do we really need to create more issues for those who are ‘our own’ by taking aim at each other and then firing away with snide remarks and cutting judgments?

Or to put it another way: who asked your opinion, anyway?

Unless advice is specifically sought, you better believe it’s better to say nothing and just let people go their own way and do their thing. Regarding how they write, what they write, how they blog, if they blog, fill in the blank I could go on for days here.

Why? Well, reason number one is that offering unsolicited advice rarely wins friends or fans. People feel judged, humiliated, belittled. Is that really how you want your writing colleagues to feel about you? I sure don’t.

Also, what works for you may spell disaster for another artist/writer/musician. People have to find their own voice and their own process.

So I do my best to mind my own work, pay no heed to what others around me are or aren’t doing.

I hope, as we go forward into NaNoWriMo season that others will join in this spirit and just live and let live.

If you are writing, then you are a writer. Full stop.

So stop worrying what others are doing and go write something amazing; not something that is going to tear down the enthusiasm of your fellows and make them take a step back the next time they see you’ve posted something. Or worse, unfollow, mute, or unfriend you.

Believe me, that happens, too.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wishing Cross Station

Hey, all!

I am excitedly preparing to begin writing my next novel, despite a roller coaster up and down with the Bipolar the past few weeks. It's been a rare week of flying high at points (due to great news coming in from the Universe, wonderful people, and all points on the compass about UPON A TIME; but more on that another day) then crashing, then landing on what I am calling the 'down side of up'.

My doctors call it a 'mixed state'. And they are a nightmare.

But I don't want to talk about that today.

I want to talk about my new project, the first draft of which I aim to write in November. It is called WISHING CROSS STATION.

The story is taking shape in my head, and the characters have already moved into my heart and staked their claim. I realize the idea started weeks ago with a painting I did on a whim:

Girl in Hat and Scarf 11X17 acrylic on canvas

Her eyes have haunted me, stayed with me, and I began to wonder, who is she? I immediately had the thought she was going to/at a train station...waiting. But waiting to do what? To get on a train? For someone to pick her up? For someone to meet her there?

I decided to paint her at the station but first, I ended up painting this:

The Train (great original title, I know. I'm tired this week...LOL)

Finally came the last painting: and the name of the station was as clear in my head as day: Wishing Cross Station. Instantly, I knew I had my new book title and setting.

WISHING CROSS STATION by February Grace 11X17 acrylic on canvas 10/14

I've started jotting down my character profiles (the girl in question has informed me that her name is Marigold. I tried suggesting to her that it might be Magnolia, she replied, basically, 'nothing doing'. As I've said before, for me writing is less creating characters than it is being introduced to them and getting to know them so I can tell their story.)

I'm so excited about this project, I can't wait to get started. Since I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year after sitting last year out for medical reasons (I won't bog down the blog with posts about it, worry not, those who do not participate-- and if you do participate and would like tips/pep talks from me just find me on Twitter! Always happy to offer an encouraging word) I won't start writing the actual prose until November 1. I will, however, continue to do a bit of note taking and idea catching. I don't outline, it's just not me. But I will hopefully, by the time I begin, know where to start on the path to the ultimate destination.

My WISHING CROSS STATION inspiration board is taking shape!

A quick word about UPON A TIME before I go...I want to blog soon about why the characters in this book mean so much to me, but for now let me say that it very much has to do with overcoming physical disabilities/challenges and/or being judged by your appearance and what other people perceive your limits to be. It's something that I feel very strongly about, and I wanted to take the classic fairytale notion that beauty always equals good and turn it on its head.

I've also managed to write a fairytale retelling without any magical elements in it this time. Yep, you read that right.

The magic in UPON A TIME lies in the hearts of its heroes, and I just cannot wait to share it with you in December.

There is talk of perhaps serializing it on Wattpad at the beginning instead of just the whole book appearing there-- I will keep you posted. I am still working out the finer points with the wonderful folks at Wattpad. I really can't thank them enough for their support of my writing, from GODSPEED on, and I am so thrilled about putting this new book up there for you all to enjoy without barriers or boundaries in getting to it.

I hope you're having a good, happy week.

Talk soon!



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Next Book "UPON A TIME" Cover Reveal and More!

Hello everyone!

I am so, so, SO excited today! I can't wait to share with you all my big news.

I've finished my next book! Though it seemed like it might never happen, it has happened and I am really, well, excited is the only word that covers it! Not only about the book itself but about how it will reach readers.

As I announced on Twitter last night, after much soul-searching and considering all my options publishing-wise, I have decided to take this book-- which is dear to my heart in a way that I can only compare with GODSPEED-- straight to WATTPAD!!!

Yes, you read that right. I am going to publish the entire novel straight to Wattpad, where anyone in the world with a phone, tablet, or computer and internet access can read it.

For free.

I may publish it independently later on down the road, if there is enough demand. But for a good while at least I'd like to make it exclusive to Wattpad.

Wattpad readers, and the staff there, have done so much to support my writing since I joined the site on January 1st of 2013, I want to give this as a gift to everyone, and I really hope you'll all enjoy it.

Now...what is UPON A TIME about?

As you'd guess, it's a fairy tale re-imagined...and without any magical elements in it! It's a fairy tale in which the focus is switched to new characters, and it definitely has the feel of a literary romance much more than a fantasy novel, in the same way GODSPEED was more literary romance than Steampunk.

I LOVE this little book! (It's about 52K words long...a lovely length in my view.)

It has a lot to say about real beauty and strength: what it is, and what it isn't, and how you can't judge a person's capabilities by their physical challenges or appearance.

This is a message that means a lot to me (and also helps further the cause of showing diversity in characters in literature, which is very important to me as well) and one that I hope will resonate with a lot of readers.

Here's the blurb...

Happy ever after as you've never imagined...

A blacksmith's apprentice who would be a knight. The heir to the throne, at death's door. One woman who would save them both... if she could.

UPON A TIME by February Grace, coming soon to Wattpad!

Here's a peek at the cover, designed by amazing Amygdala Art...

I am in love with this cover.  

The story may have its origins in the Cinderella tale, which goes back hundreds upon hundreds of years and has been retold many times... but I definitely put my own spin on it and turn it on its head.

It's a book I truly care about, and want everyone who wants to, to be able to read. That is why I am putting it straight into what I view as the equivalent of the 21st Century world's coolest, largest library.

The book will be with an amazing proofreader soon (no one else I would rather have making the work all pretty) and I hope to have it posted to Wattpad by the first week of December, if all goes according to schedule. Watch this space, and keep tabs on updates on Twitter and FB!

Thank you for sharing my big and happy news today, I hope that you have a great Tuesday!