Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cover Reveal for My New Wattpad Experiment!

Hi all!

Well here's something that excites me and I hope you'll like it too. Today, I am sharing with you the cover for a new experiment I'm going to be doing on Wattpad... that being, posting a story in segments as I am still revising it!

Basically a digital ARC, if you will, Each Little Soul will be imperfect, (it will be the first thing I post on Wattpad that has not been professionally proofread first, so I am a nervous but excited wreck) and hopefully, it will be beautiful :~)

So here you go. I'll even give you the blurb, too... thanks to Ida Jansson at Amygdala Design for another amazing cover!


Foster Standish has lost all sense of direction.

After the death of his young son, he’s left doubting everything about his life: his teaching career, his future path, and every decision he’s ever made.

Consumed by grief, Foster sets out on a quest to find the person who hand-made the donated teddy bear that became his son’s most prized possession.

When the trail leads him to an unexpected, unsuspecting woman, he soon discovers he’s not the only one life has stolen from, and that healing can be found in the most surprising places.


Looking forward to beginning this journey with you on Wattpad soon... stay tuned for updates!



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