Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cleaning House

Hi all,

Well, I've gone through and retired some 500+ posts from this blog... because this is starting to feel like a home left unattended for too long. The rubbish piles up, too much to sort through and before you know it, you're a hoarder of words and you can't breathe in the environment anymore.

This blog needs a fresh outlook and so do I. So it will be under construction for some time to come, likely, as I go through and re-publish posts that really spoke to me (like the story of how I lost all and then regained some of my vision.) and hopefully add things here and there.

I doubt anyone went looking back through the archives anyway, and most of my experiences now are in the past... my publishing journey especially) hopefully writing will still be in my future, so I'd like to think between that and goings on in life I'll find something of interest to post here.

Mostly I just need to do the housecleaning so I can feel at home here again.

I am sure those of you who have been blogging a long time can understand (I started this blog in what, 2010 I think? Long time, lots of ground covered.)

Time to demo this fixer-upper.

Please stay tuned... and thanks for being here all this time. I appreciate all of you.



P.S. PLEASE forgive me if you're subscribed by email to this blog and accidentally got a post out of order or two tonight. I hit the wrong buttons... all my fault. I promise it won't keep happening. So very sorry.